Hazardous waste types

hazardous waste


Collection and disposal of all types of hazardous including oils, chemicals, asbestos, WEEE, tyres, end of life vehicles (ELV), contaminated soil, batteries, white goods refridgerants, aerosols and fluorescent tubes. With a direct recycling route for waste oils.

tyre waste


Tyres are not hazardous but must be stored separately, as they are classed as a difficult waste. They are cut into various sizes and stored on-site.

battery waste


We dispose of all types and makes, shapes, sizes and quantities. Batteries must be stored in covered containers as they are classed as hazardous waste.

Electrical waste

Electrical - WEEE

We collect all types of electrical goods, white goods, brown goods which are then treated and recycled.

Fluorescent tube waste

Fluorescent tubes

We supply special storage containers for fluorescent tubes, to avoid any breakages, as the tubes contain mercury and are hazardous.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste

Special containers are supplied for clinical waste, anything from swabs, dressings, syringes, needles or sharp instruments, human or animal tissues or blood.



Our team of specially trained staff will handle your asbestos waste.



We can dispose of end of life vehicles.

Paint tins

Paint and related products

Water based emulsion paints are non-hazardous, although typical solvent-based decorative paints (e.g. white spirit based glosses) are hazardous. We supply appropriate locked storage for these paints.



We handle all kinds of circuit boards, and specialize in industrial PCB contaminated waste such as transformers and industrial electronics. Also known as printed circuit boards and green boards in electronics, comes in the form of production rejects as well as old dismantled devices containing circuit boards and components.

Gas cylinders

All types and sizes of gas cylinders can be collected.

Oils and oil filters

Oils and oil filters

Collection and disposal for waste oils, soluble oils, waste oil filters and contaminated liquids.

General waste

General waste


All types of general waste are collected and segregated on-site.

Cardboard waste


We can supply a range of equipment to enable easier and more cost effective handling of your cardboard for recycling. We have invested heavily in the most up to date recycling machinery for sorting, bailing and shredding materials.

Plastics waste


We dispose of all types of plastics, mixed, segregated, loose or bailed. Our fully integrated picking and packing system enables us to sort and segregate. We can also provide your site with bailing and segregation systems with installation and aftercare.

Food waste


We accept all kinds of food waste, which is recycled for in-vessel aerobic composting. Leeds City Council is one of our main clients.

Confidential waste


Secure disposal of any sensitive documents will be shredded and the relevant paperwork will be issued for your confidential waste.

Textile waste


All types of textiles can be handled from wool, synthetics, nylon, polyester, cotton etc.

Glass waste


We recycle all types of glass.

Wood waste


Sawdust, hardwood, MDF, chipboard, palettes, softwood and offcuts are collected and shredded on-site.

Plasterboard waste


We accept the two main types of plasterboard - plain and foil/insulation backed plasterboard.

Dust/powder waste


Dusts and powders can be collected in specialist containers.

Wet waste

Road Residues - Gully/Sweeper

Waste collected by gully suckers and road sweepers including all wet wastes and solids.

office waste


Small or large office waste including desks, chairs, printer inks and computers.

Green waste

Green Waste

Household and commercial green waste is disposed and recycled from businesses including tree surgeons, landscaping companies and gardening sectors.


Tin cans

Tin Cans

Steel and aluminium cans recycled on-site to reach a product of 100% steel and 100% aluminium cans and tins. The machinery process was designed by Mytum & Selby.


Scrap Metal

Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap including cable, motors and precious metals can be collected or brought into our site by yourselves. We offer very competitive prices. We also offer steel burning, demolition and site clearance services.